2012 – The biggest changes on earth ever

 2012年 – 地球史上最巨大的變動

The transformation of the dark age into a golden age which earth has never experienced in such a dimension before has started. And it will become more and more obvious.


On the 1st of August Agni informed his disciples about the coming 2 1/2 years. We will briefly forward this knowledge to you on 8/23 night.

在八月一日, 阿格尼(Agni )告知他的門徒關於即將到來的這2 1/2 年,在8/23


 Further related contents of this workshop:


- A new book about this topic from Agni and Durga will be published probably already until the end of this year in Chinese language.

- 阿格尼(Agni)與杜爾加(Durga)寫了一本關於這個主題的新書,中文版本將可能


- Practicing a new spiritual technique to collect shadows that you left behind on earth during past incarnations.

- 練習一種新的靈性技巧,收回你在過往前世所遺留於地球上的陰影。

- Meditation and fire ceremony

- 冥想與火典

09/8/23, 7:00-8:30 p.m., 800 NTD

09/8/23, 7:00-8:30 p.m., 800元台幣

Sam Yun and Sun Ya's place (Lotus Shakti Center, Taipei)

地點:Sam Yun聖昀與Sun Ya桑雅的地方歡迎來到蓮華聖能中心台北

- Our address in Taipei:

Taipei, Dun-Hua North Road, Lane 155, Alley 66, No. 48, 1F

- 住址:台北市敦化北路15566481

Some basic information


- All our events with charge are with translation into Mandarin.


- All our offers are non-denominational. All religions are welcome.

- 我們的工作都是沒有宗教界分的,所有宗教都歡迎。


1. 從敦化北路155巷進去,走到右邊"OK便利商店",自該店門延伸出去的巷子(即為66弄)直走到底右轉找到48

2. 面對長庚醫院的左手邊巷子(敦北199巷)進去右轉再左轉。


If you like to come please call us in advance so that we can tell you how to come to us.

It' s not so easy when you come for the first time. We will start on time.


欲參加者可向Su Ki報名suki716@gmail.com, 0968-055-855Chinese

Phone: 0912 728090(English)

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