Healing the Trauma of Atlantis
Gentian as Oil for Body and Soul


Gentian, pure and unspoiled you come to us from the high mountains to bless us with your great healing power. You came from the stars, God sent you to soothe the turmoil among mankind after the downfall of Atlantis.

Gentian brings us “back to life” when we feel isolated, when we don’t know how to connect our light with our body and with earth.

The golden light that Gentian awakens within us and its high healing frequency let us heal on all levels so that we can live and share our light and our potentials with joy and love.


1 滴幾滴龍膽根精油於手心,以雙手輕柔地搓揉精油,並吸入龍膽根的香氣
1. Give some drops of Gentian into your hands, rub your hands gently, inhale the fragrance of Gentian deeply

2 將手放在各個脈輪前五公分處,讓龍膽根的能量流入。從海底輪開始,直到頂輪
2. Put your hands in a distance of around 5 cm in front of your Chakras and let flow in the energy of Gentian, starting from the Root Chakra up to the Crown Chakra

3 在頂輪滴入龍膽根精油,溫和的按摩你的頂輪
3. Apply a drop of Gentian on your Crown – and give a soft massage to your crown

4 在雙手倒入數滴精油,握住雙腳並讓龍膽根的能量流入
4. Give some drops into your hands, hold your feet and let flow in the energy of Gentian

5 跟隨你的直覺並尋問你的高我,你的身體與氣場的哪些部份需要龍膽根的協助

5. Follow your intuition and ask your higher self, which point of your body & aura needs the help of Gentian

建議:你可以倒入數滴龍膽根精油在按摩油、身體乳液或洗髮精中混合使用Suggestion You can give some drops of Gentian into your Massage Oil, Body Lotion or Hair Shampoo.

Om Namah Shivaya

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