These days, except to catch a severe cold before the earthquake,
from 10th March, around ten days,
at the same time, I experienced a deep journey of soul.
Now I am back.

And, I enjoy to prepare the things for making the Lotus Elf Essences,
found the bottles and the other things.
and connect with the Lotus Heavens,
and dancing, singing, meditating, praying, laughing...

about the deep journeys of spiritual... share a special experience.
one night, I went to Atlantis temple of Holy Agni,
at that time, I was a Fire Priest, an Insha Healer;
then I went back to the beginning of the Earth,
I see how to build up the empire of the Elves by me and the others;
and then I went back to Atlantis age again,
the beginning of the dark age, I saw the Elves left the Earth (I cried);
the end, I went back to the star where I was born... the home of Lotus Elves, the knowledge temple of Lotus Heaven.
it's a long long spiritual journey, but these were so clear and touching...
it's time to call upon the Elves back to the Earth, our home,
to share the divine lights of Lotus Elves to people and the earth.....
I have to focus on it.  I am blessed.

Originally I will join the training for the children Path into Light on 26-27 March,
but my teacher canceled it.
ha ha:-) Great! So that, this week, I will have a short journey in south-Taiwan,
for Dhuni ceremony, I will prepare myself to offer it with my teachers together,
the first time to do it for me, this life, as a fire priest.

Last Saturday, I enjoyed to massage my whole body for 1.5 hours.
with Akasha Shanti lotion & Paradise Green oil,
even fingers, toes, whole skins and organs, meridians, bones...
I gave a deep massage session to the most important temple of soul,
the important client - myself, with my whole love, healing fire, peace and bliss,
how wonderful:-)))

I prepare to serve in LOVE, serve in BLISS, serve for GOD.
and live in love and happiness every day.
smiles and a loving hug with a golden lotus
lots of love & light,
Lotus Su Ki
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