0-warp-time on Friday, October 28th, 4.30 a.m. New York time- what do we aspect?

by Agni Eickermann 阿格尼

(Arjara & Luya翻譯,Shamba校訂)

O-warp-time is an aspect of Divine Grace. In the Grace of the Divine time slots are created, which have no boundaries.

零時間暫停是神性恩典的一個向度。在這個神聖的恩典中, 時間的縫隙被創造了,這些縫隙是沒有邊界的。

 If we enter these empty time space we can jump to our divine origin in a blink of an eye.


No karmic attachments can hold us back.


This happens usually to single humans after many reincarnation of spiritual development as an act of Divine Grace for the single developed soul.


This Friday it will happen to the whole planet and all its inhabitants.

All can return in the all- mightiness of the Divine.

而在這個禮拜五,它將發生在整個星球與其全部的居民身上 。

It is a very rare aspect of Divine Grace which will rock our personal world.


We will not be able to hold or hold back anybody.


If we trust the Divine, we let go anything and everything we are attached to, letting him, who knows the target of our journey, decide, how far we can jump into our own Divine origin. 

如果我們信任神性,便對任何、所有的事物放手,讓「祂」──這個知道我們旅程目標的人──決定我們可以跳進我們 自己的神聖源頭多遠。
If we hold back, nothing will happen- just or soul feels sorrow for not accepting the Grace.

I suggest we stay in prayer during this time.


We might experience an explosion of light and a strong current of fire and love, embracing us.

Mother earth is waiting for this for a very long time and will give birth to the Christ-light inclosed in her centuries ago.

地球母親已經等了很久很久了,她將會生出幾個世紀以來, 孕藏在她體內的基督之光。

For you it is an act of devotion allowing you true self to become your  daily reality.


This Friday, October 28th is a special day: Today morning between 04.00 a.m. and 06.00 a.m Daylight Saving Time NY 08.00-10.00 a.m.UTC (or GMT/Zulu)-time there will be a 0-time warp. We will experience a 0-time, the cosmic consciousness stops for a while to allow jumps on different levels of human consciousness. It could be a kick start for a new togetherness on our planet. please read carefully and post frequently. Agni

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