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Dhuni ceremony都尼火典

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The Dhuni ceremony is a holy fire ritual devoted to Shiva and Agni, the Lords of Fire. The ritual is celebrated by persons ordained as fire priests who are the guardians of the spiritual fires of the earth and can light these fires for mankind in the outside.

The Dhuni fire connects the fire of the earth with the fires of heaven. This creates a passage flow that helps us to open ourselves consciously to our own spiritual being and our own path. Everything old hindering us to follow our path can be surrendered to the fire in love and devotion.

We are cleansed in the presence of the fire sacrifice and connected to the holy fire. In our devotion to the fire we experience the power of our own inner fire. Moreover, the Dhuni ceremony has a transforming and cleansing effect for the whole region.

Dhuni rules

The participants of the Dhuni ceremony express their devotion to the fire by clean clothing, washed hands and rinsed mouth. Outside the Dhuni place a water bowl is provided for cleaning.

If Agni himself is present it is him who intones the singing of the mantra "Om Namah Shivaya". Otherwise the Dhuni leader intones the mantra. One after the other the participants of the Dhuni ceremony file to the Dhuni place.

Before entering the Dhuni place every participant is marked on the forehead with the Agni’s sign of fire and on the heart with Vibhuti ash. The golden Agni sign stands for the dominance of the Holy Spirit over the matter. The marking in itself is already a blessing that prepares us for the fire.

After this, all participants form a circle around the Dhuni fire. The Dhuni leader blesses the Masters of the Light, the participants and the whole place. When the leader stops singing "Om Namah Shivaya" everyone also stops. The leader then says, "We bow to the Lords of Fire“ and all participants bow before the Lords of Fire. Then the leader recites the mantra "Om Namah Shivaya" once and all participants repeat it.

After this, all participants leave the place. Those who prepared the Dhuni ceremony are the last to leave.

Depending on the number of participants the Dhuni ceremony takes 15 minutes or longer.

The Dhuni ceremonies take place at dawn. Enrolling for participation in the Dhuni ceremonies is necessary.

the message via Shiva-Shakti-Center, http://lotus-shakti-center.com/index.php/agni-dhuni.html

The fire of Agni and Shiva is the home for the Golden Age. Su Ki is a fire priest for Dhuni ceremony, will offer the Dhuni ceremony regularly at Lotus Heaven Center in Singapore. The schedule will be coming soon!








若阿格尼本人在场,会是由他开始吟唱「Om Namah Shivaya」的咒语, 否则便由都尼的带领人开始吟唱咒语。都尼仪式的参与者排队一一进入都尼之地。


接着,所有参加者绕着都尼的火围成一个圈圈,带领人祝福光之主、参加者及整个都尼之地。当带领人停止唱「Om Namah Shivaya」时,每个人也要停下来。然后带领人说:「我们对众火神顶礼。」,所有参加者便在众火神前顶礼。之后带领人念颂「Om Namah Shivaya」的咒语一次,所有人跟着念一次。




(讯息转贴自Shiva-Shakti-Center圣莲中心, http://lotus-shakti-center.com/index.php/agni-dhuni.html)

Su Ki是执行都尼火典的火祭司,将规律地在新加坡莲花天堂中心定期举办都尼火典,日程表将会尽快公布!

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