Doing Seva is bringing your time and skills into service.
As a pay-off you can let go of your desires.
That seems not to be up to date in a working society
expecting money for all jobs done.
Accepting giving up desires as payment is quite some job for the mind to chew on.
How easy you can digest this mind food is based
on the spirituell training you have had so far.
It works pretty well, as soon you let go of all need for recognition.
Only the „I“ looks for recognition, approval, an increased self-image and pay-back.
It is not you doing the job but the job doing the job.

Seva services your inner growth.
It is not a job your teacher asks you to perform for free.
The teacher is not touched by your performance.
Your service can open you up to a deeper understanding of the spiritual teaching
so you might be able to accept knowledge about creation within you.


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